Regulations & Plans

Subdivision Regulations

The Williamson County Subdivision Regulations govern all subdivision of land within Unincorporated Williamson County; establishing reasonable standards of design and procedures for subdivisions and re-subdivisions, in order to further the orderly layout and use of land, to reduce traffic congestion, and to ensure public facilities are available.

Williamson County Subdivision Regulations

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Adopted in 2007, the Williamson County Comprehensive Land Use Plan represents a vision as to how the County will grow and develop.  It articulates the County's policy for future desired land use patterns, quality and character of growth, the relationship between land use and the natural and historic environment, and the relationship between and use and public facilities.

The Plan is long range - it uses twenty years as its planning horizon - and it focuses on County-wide themes.  While its focus is on unincorporated County territory, it was prepared in light of municipal and Urban Growth Boundary plans.

Williamson County Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Special Area Plans

Like the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Williamson County's Special Area Plans are designed to help communities within the Unincorporated County realize a vision for their future.  These Plans help reconcile the differences between opposing viewpoints to create a cohesive and sustainable future for that community.  These Plans are also long range, using twenty years as the planning horizon.  

Four areas have been identified in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan as requiring further study via Special Area Plan.  They are:

    • College Grove
    • Leiper's Fork
    • Grassland
    • Triune

Major Thoroughfare Plan

The Major Thoroughfare Plan was adopted by Williamson County in 1996.  In 2011, an update to this Plan was brought before the Williamson County Regional Planning Commission, consisting of updated maps and project lists.  The update was adopted as an amendment to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Major Thoroughfare Plan
Major Thoroughfare Plan Map

Community Development Report

The Community Development Report provides an annual review of projects completed in the Unincorporated County as well as the framework of the Community Development Department.  A listing of current and archived reports are available below:

Current Report
Archived Reports

Additional Projects

The Community Development Department engages in a variety of projects and studies throughout the Unincorporated County.  Please see below for additional information regarding current and past projects:

Hamlet (H) District Review Project
Meadowgreen/Grassland Area Sewer Construction Project

Traffic Study Guidelines

Traffic Study Guidelines