Williamson County
1320 W. Main St.
Suite 120
Franklin, TN  37064

8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Retirement Specialist
Stephanie Binkley

Phone: (615) 790-5880

The Retirement Specialist assists Williamson County employees with the retirement process from the beginning stage of pre-estimates to the final stage of drawing the retirement compensation. The Retirement Specialist is responsible for gathering and recording data, balancing, processing, and submitting files, and payment of employee/employer contributions to TCRS on a monthly basis.  Williamson County is a member of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS).     

Williamson County Government: Retirement Information

RetireReadyTN is the state’s retirement program, combining the strengths of a defined benefit plan provided by the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS), 401(k), and 457 plans through services provided by Empower Retirement, and retirement readiness education.

Retirement and Human Resources Contacts-( pdf file)

Williamson County Government: Retirement…How, When, & What to Do- (pdf file)

Voluntary Retirement Plans-Deferred Compensation

The RetireReadyTN home page for Deferred Compensation On-line website.

State of Tennessee 401(k) Program Features and Highlights- (pdf file)

State of Tennessee 457 Program Features and Highlights-(pdf file)

RetireReadyTN Plan Advisor-( pdf file)

Where to find RetireReadyTN Deferred Compensation Plan forms-(pdf file)

457 Plan Special Catch-up Contributions -(pdf file)

TCRS Information

Overview-TCRS Legacy Plan-(pdf file)

TN Department of Treasury-TCRS Overview and Self-Service website. On-line website.

TCRS Member Self-Service Instructions-(pdf file)

TCRS Forms

Active Member Forms

Active change of Beneficiary (pdf file)

Refund of Accumulated Contributions Application-(pdf file)

Retiree Temporary/Part Time Employment Form-(pdf file)

Establishing Prior Service

Application for Additional Retirement Credit-(pdf file)

Application for Military Service Retirement Credit-(pdf file)

Application for Retirement Credit for a Period of Temporary Disability under Worker’s Compensation-(pdf file)

Planning Retirement

Retirement Checklist-(pdf file)

 Retirement Application- On-line website.

Preparing to Complete a Retirement Application