Motivational Intervention used in group setting providing substance use
prevention & early intervention
(8 Hour Class Over 2 Days)

Contact Williamson County Juvenile Court for dates
Phone: (615) 790-5812


Insight Program

INSIGHT was created in 2000 by the Williamson County Juvenile Court. In addition to tough 
consequences , Juvenile Court educational programs play an important role in the prevention of 
future offenses.   This program is court-ordered for first-time alcohol and/or drug offenses and is 
an effort of Juvenile Court to reach our youth outside the courtroom.

The INSIGHT program:

• Looks at the consequences and risks associated with alcohol an drug use
• Teaches the tools necessary to make better decisions about their future
•  Educates parents about the presence o  rugs and alcohol in their children's lives and sparks 

Thursday, 5:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.; parent(s) must come to this session
Saturday, 8:00 a.m.-2 :00 p.m. (exact time and location will be given)

WHERE: Williamson County Juvenile Court

FEE:   $40.00 due at first session, made payable to Williamson County Juvenile Services
Attendance for all sessions is mandatory

Please call Juvenile Services at 615-790-5812 to register for this class.

Invincible Program:


A class where youth traffic offenders will learn the risks and dangers associated with speeding. Youth are referred through traffic court.

Please call Juvenile Services at 615-790-5812 to register for this class.

Other Programs

  • GPS           
    Electronic monitoring done by WCJC staff for any at-risk youth
  • Soberlink           
    Portable, electronic breathalyzer
  • Build Her a Bridge          
     Local mentoring program for females
  • Anger Management         
    Emotional regulation seminar
  • JUULing           
    Presentation Educational program for tobacco cases
  • Mediation          
     Mediation services provided for civil and juvenile status cases.
  • Y.E.S. Program       
    Online educational program on shoplifting prevention
  • Thrive           
    Free, in-home counseling offered by Youth Villages