Hazardous Materials Release

Chemicals are used it lots of ways to help better our lives. However, some chemicals can also be harmful to people or the environment if released improperly. 

What is a "haz mat" release?

A hazardous material (or "haz mat") release occurs when a poisonous chemical spills or is released into the environment. These types of chemicals can be solids, liquids, or gases.

Emergencies can happen during production, storage, transportation, or disposal of chemicals. 

If you're not sure if a chemical is safe, ask for help before cleaning it up!

Sometimes this happens when a truck carrying chemicals accidently spills and the road needs to shut down for cleanup. Hazardous materials releases also happen sometimes in buildings that use chemicals. They can even happen in your home if someone accidently swallows or touches something harmful. 

Preventing emergencies

Take these precautions to help you avoid many chemical emergencies:

  1. Do not touch chemicals directly. Clean up any spills right away with rags, and protect your eyes and skin.
  2. Ask an adult for help with household products that may have dangerous chemicals.
  3. Help your family store and dispose of chemicals properly. Improper disposal can cause harm to your family or contaminate our local water supply and wildlife. 
Activity Sheets.


There are activity sheets about household hazardous materials in the Williamson Kids Coloring and Activity book!