Magistrates Office


The Magistrate's Office is a division of the Williamson County General Sessions Court. Our office is located at 408 Century Court, Franklin, TN. The Magistrate’s Office is open, and staffed, 24/7.

In Williamson County, Magistrates (also known as Judicial Commissioners) are appointed by the General Sessions Court Judges. These appointments are subsequently ratified or approved by the Williamson County Commission (the County's lawmaking body) pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated § 40-1-111. Magistrates are reappointed each two years by the General Sessions Court Judges, or if the Judges do not agree on a candidate, by the County Commission.

Things We Do…

Magistrates (Judicial Commissioners) are primarily responsible for:

  • Conducting initial appearances shortly after individuals are arrested and brought to the Williamson County Jail;
  • Issuing temporary ex parte orders of protection upon good cause shown in cases of alleged domestic abuse, stalking, sexual exploitation of a minor, sexual assault, or human trafficking; 
  • Issuing warrants or criminal summonses upon a finding of probable cause; and 
  • Determining bonds, and setting initial court appearance dates for defendants. 

Magistrates are not law enforcement officers and do not investigate cases, make arrests, or respond to emergency calls. 

Filing a Crime Report

If you believe you have been the victim of a crime and would like to file a report, you may contact your local police department or Williamson County Dispatch, (615) 790-5550, to file a police report.

 If you are civilian seeking a criminal summons, or in certain circumstances, an arrest warrant, against someone who has committed a crime against you, you can bring a copy of the police report or any other relevant materials to the Magistrate’s Office for review by a Magistrate. 

Things We Do Not Do…

Amending Bonds and Bond Conditions


Only judges can amend bonds after they have been set. If you need to speak to a Judge about getting a defendant's bond or bond conditions changed, you will need to go before the presiding Judge of the Court where the case is set to be heard. 

Providing Legal Advice

Magistrates cannot provide you with legal advice regarding any matter. 

Civil Matters

Williamson County Magistrates do not handle civil matters. Civil matters can include, but are not limited to evictions, landlord/tenant disputes, contractual disputes, general no contact orders, and restraining orders. If you have a question about any non-criminal matter, you may wish to consult with an attorney. 

  • Williamson County General Sessions Court & Circuit Court – (615) 790-5454
  • Williamson County Chancery Court Clerk (Clerk and Master’s Office) – (615) 790-5428 
  • Williamson County Juvenile Court Services (for information on how to obtain a temporary emergency custody order, or other juvenile court matters) – (615) 790-5812 

Court Dockets

If you have general questions about a criminal case that is already set before the General Sessions Court, you will need to contact the Clerk of the Court where your case is set to be heard. Magistrates are not court clerks. We do not docket cases, change existing court dates, or accept payments. 

  • Williamson County General Sessions Court & Circuit Court – (615) 790-5454

 Posting a Bond

 If you are trying to help someone post a bond, you may come to 408 Century Court, Franklin, TN, and speak with Intake/Booking staff of the Williamson County Jail. You may also wish to speak to a bail bonding agent.