Tax Rolls & Appeals


Each year, the Assessor is required to create and maintain an assessment roll detailing all county property, its owner, and its value. This roll, with preliminary or tentative, assessments, is made available for public inspection in May.

Property owners whose property has changed in value are notified by mail of those changes, and are given an opportunity to appeal any values they feel are inconsistent with the fair market value of their property.

The County Board of Equalization, after hearing owners’ appeals and ordering any changes they feel are warranted, makes the assessment roll final for the year.

The Assessor of Property continues to prorate new construction until September 1. The tax rolls are then turned over to each local taxing authority. The local taxing authority in Williamson County is the County Trustee.


You can contact our office to review your valuation whenever you have questions about your property value. Property owners can often settle disagreements at this level without continuing the appeal process. However, you still need to preserve your appeal rights by timely making your appointment with the County Board of Equalization.

The County Board of Equalization is composed of five members who live in various areas of the county. Each member is appointment by the County Commission and serve terms of two years.

The CBOE meets every year in the month of June. To schedule an appeal before the board, you should call our office the first week of June. Only the taxpayer or entity whose name and address shows on the assessment roll, or their duly authorized agent, or the property owner may file an appeal.

If you are not satisfied with your appeal at the County Board level, you may take your appeal on to the State Board of Equalization.