Newborn Enrollment

Newborns need to be enrolled at time of birth. Employees have 31 days from the date of birth to submit the appropriate enrollment forms to the Williamson County Benefits Department.  A copy of the Mother’s Tennessee Department of Health certificate is required at time of enrollment. (The Mother’s Copy from the Hospital is acceptable.)

Note: Newborns are not automatically enrolled in the medical or dental plans. It is the Employees’ responsibility to get the proper paperwork to the Benefits Department within the 31 days of birth.

Adoptions/Foster Care
Adoptions or a child being placed for adoption also requires the proper paperwork to be completed and returned to the Williamson County Benefits Department within 31 days of the event.  Legal documentation indicating the date of adoption or the date the child is placed in the home must accompany the enrollment form.

Necessary Enrollment Forms

Optional Enrollment Forms

If applicable, the employee, spouse, and children may have to complete the Evidence of Insurability Form for enrollment of Supplemental Life Insurance.

Note: Newborns are eligible for Life Insurance without evidence of insurability. The employee has to be enrolled in Supplemental Life in order for the newborn to be eligible for Supplement Life Insurance – child(ren) 
For additional Enrollment Forms: Forms & Documents
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