Employment Requirements

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be 18 years of age and a legal resident of the United States. 
  • Must have a high school diploma or it’s equivalent (G.E.D.) 
  • Must not have been convicted of, plead guilty to, or entered a plea of nolo  contendere to a felony charge or to any violation of any federal or state    laws or municipal ordinances related to force, violence, theft, dishonesty,gambling, liquor or controlled substances. 
  • Must not have been released or discharged under any other than honorable conditions from any of the armed forces of the United States.
  • Must successfully complete and pass a drug screen. 
  • Required to pass a polygraph examination
  • Must successfully complete and pass a psychological assessment. 

  • Must successfully complete and pass a medical assessment
  • Must successfully pass a Functional Fitness Test (FFT for Deputy Positions Only).

Applicants must be able to work various days and shifts. The main function of the 

Deputy Sheriff (Detention) is to enforce all laws, maintain order and supervise the 

inmates and their movements while detained in the Criminal Justice Center.