K-9 Unit

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K-9 Unit- Patrol Division

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office employs the use of K-9’s. Three K-9’s are dual purpose dogs, meaning they are certified in Narcotic Detection and Criminal Apprehension. The K-9’s used by the sheriff’s office are the German Shepard and Belgian Malinois breed. There is a fourth K9 German Shepard trained as a Explosive Detection K9 and Criminal Apprehension.   Members of the unit attend specialized training every month to maintain their skills in illegal narcotic detection, building searches, vehicle searches, tracking criminal suspects, explosive detection and apprehension.

A fifth K9, is maintained to track lost or missing persons. The Bloodhound is 5 years old.

The K-9 Unit is a valuable asset to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and are called upon by surrounding agencies for assistance in a variety of incidents.in  2016 the Williamson County K9 Teams took part in the United States Police Canine Association Region 13 Certification trials. All four teams took home 27 out of 33 trophies.

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