Booking2.jpg When an individual is arrested, they are transported to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Justice Center to be processed. During this process, Intake Deputies will complete the following; all personal property will be logged and taken from the arrestee, it will be placed into a sealed property bag and returned only upon release, they will permit the new intake to use the phone, collect all of the individual’s information, ask a series of questions, take their fingerprints and their photographs. If a new intake is not going to make bond they will be processed further and placed into a housing section while they await their court date. The entire intake process can range from 1 hour up to several hours depending on the number of people waiting to be processed or coming in or being released at that time. Intake/Release is an extremely busy area and we always do our best to get everyone processed as quickly as possible. Inmates do have the ability to bond out at anytime of the day (except for those who wish to make a property bond or their bond amount exceeds the limit that we can do here at our facility). 

Bond Docket is held at approximately 8:30 A.M. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through a closed circuit television. If an individual wishes to bond out on a day Bond Docket is held, please understand we will not be able to do so until we receive the original paperwork from the courthouse. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours after Bond Docket is completed. In addition to doing the intake process on all new arrestees, Intake Deputies also handle the intake process for all Misdemeanor Citations, Property Releases and all Public Fingerprints. (For more information please view the “Public Fingerprints” page on this site)

Booking2.jpgWhen turning yourself in to serve time, there are a few things that you can do to expedite your process. When you arrive at the CJC or Courthouse (Depending on where you are scheduled to report) bring as little as possible with you. You are only allowed (2) two white t-shirts, (2) two white sports bras (no plastic or metal), (2) two white pair of underwear and (2) two pair of white socks. Prescription medication is allowed if it is in its original container with the inmate’s name on it. (No over the counter medication is allowed) Plastic frame prescription glasses are allowed. Nothing except what is listed is permitted. 

If you bring cash in with you it will only be returned in the form of a check (directly from Commissary Services of Nashville/$2.00 Fee) or at the time of your release on a debit card ($3.95 fee). Please leave purses, phones, backpacks etc. at home.