Public Safety Center

Exterior of the Public Safety Center at night.

The Williamson County Public Safety Administration seeks out joint opportunities, helps the community overcome obstacles and assists with daily operations. We are working daily to serve our communities and citizens more effectively and efficiently.

We are located at 304 Beasley Dr, Franklin, TN, 37064.


Construction and Building Features

  • Structurally built to withstand F-5 tornado conditions, 250 mph winds, and J.50 mph debris impacts (FEMA 361 standard)
  • Structurally built with enhanced seismic and ballistic protection
  • Includes bays for storage of specialized vehicles
  • Architects: TM Partners (TMP), Williamson County, and Architects Design Group (ADG), FL
  • Construction manager: The Parent Company
Public Safety Center entrance.
The EOC.

Emergency Operations Center Features

  • Supports 105 workstations, 10 ESF tables, a head table, and 15 workstations for ESF branch managers
  • A Joint Information Center that includes monitors, workstations and media briefing room
  • A policy conference room and five additional breakout rooms
  • Connection with the Emergency Communications Center (one community, one mission, one program)
  • A cafeteria (commercial kitchen) and study rooms with bunks
  • The facility is designed for the mission of handling disasters when they arise, with the goal of operating as a functional training and meeting space in day-to-day use
Building History Timeline.
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