1. Todd Horton

    Director of Emergency Management

  2. Josh Walter

    Operations Manager

  3. Kate Brock

    Search and Rescue and Grant Programs Officer

  4. Shannon Lewis

    Readiness Coordinator

  5. Ashlae Sympson

    Emergency Management Planner

  6. Nick Sturgeon

    Emergency Management Officer

  7. Mitchell Greenham

    Emergency Management Officer

  8. Jill Burgin

    External Affairs Officer/PIO

  9. Jay Bonson

    Fire & Rescue Services Coordinator

  10. Sean Cothron

    IT Coordinator

  11. Ryan Cagle

    System Administrator

  12. Justin Rilling

    System Analyst

  13. Lance King

    System Analyst

  14. John "Butch" Coulter

    Communications Technician

  15. Joel Miranda

    GIS Specialist