Communicable Disease

The Communicable Disease division of the Williamson County Health Department is staffed by a Disease Intervention Specialist who is charged with investigating and following up with patients who are suspected or have had a confirmed reportable illness reported by a physician, laboratory or other source. The DIS works closely with local, state and federal authorities and agencies to monitor cases of communicable disease. Reportable illness is monitored through an online surveillance program connected with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the State Department of Health.

The DIS works with the local health department physicians, local physicians and health groups to ensure proper treatment, maintenance and care of patients who have confirmed cases of reportable illness. Referrals are made to specialists and follow up is conducted to ensure that patients are managing their care.

Communicable disease does not involve sexually transmitted infection alone. In fact, STI/STD are just a fraction of the work of a DIS. The Specialist monitors the health of our county in its entirety and works to promote safe and healthy living through the maintenance and elimination of communicable disease.

For a complete list of reportable illness in the State of Tennessee, visit:

Disease Intervention Specialist
Tiffany Rugless-Thompson, MPH
(615) 465-5315 | Office