Financial Planning

There are a number of resources available for disaster financial planning, depending on your needs. We’ve included some of the top resources on our list below.

The Basics

At a minimum, these are the top three steps you should take to prepare your finances for disaster:

  1. Financial First Aid Kit. FEMA has a checklist you can download and fill out.
  2. Find a safe place to store your kit. Make copies of critical documents and store them in a safe location, such as a waterproof and fireproof container, and password protect digital copies.
  3. Understand your insurance options. Understand what your insurance covers (and what it doesn’t) in case of a disaster. Think about if you need specialized insurance for earthquakes, flooding, or anything else not covered by renters, homeowner, or auto insurance.


Financial Preparedness

FEMA’s financial preparedness page includes their top financial preparedness tips, a breakdown of documents you should keep in your emergency financial first aid kit, checklists, and links to resources.

Disasters and Financial Planning

This pdf guide from the American Red Cross breaks down disaster financial preparedness and recovery. 

Preparing, Recovering, and Rebuilding After Disasters and Emergencies

This guide from Consumer Finance talks about how to handle your finances if you are preparing for, recovering from, or rebuilding after a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or other disaster.

Financial Preparedness Pays Off in Emergencies

The Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education compiled resources for financial professionals to reference when talking with clients about the importance of being financially prepared for a disaster or emergency.

Disaster Preparedness for Your Finances

From natural disasters like hurricanes and floods to public health and ecological crises, there are many circumstances you should be financially prepared for.

Checklist of Legal and Financial Documents

This pdf checklist from the FDIC outlines the important legal and financial documents to keep in your emergency financial first aid kit.

Financial Planning for Natural Disasters

This workbook from the National Association of Development Organizations Research Foundation is for local governments and regions.