Williamson County Juvenile Services Public Service


Community service work is assigned as a condition of a court order.

Work assignments are made in blocks or sessions by the seriousness of the offense. Williamson County Public Service sessions are equivalent of one day of work (8 hours) and will begin promptly at 7am on most Saturday mornings and will end at 3pm.

Note: You may schedule to work your Public Service hours at any Non-Profit organization that you choose within the community. (Please provide the hours served to the Youth Service Officer assigned to you).

The maximum number of juveniles allowed on one work crew is 12. Each crew will consist of two supervisors.

Successful completion and/or failure to complete the work sessions will be reported to the juvenile's Youth Service Officer or Probation Officer. Failure to complete the work sessions may result in an immediate return to the court for further proceedings.

Community service must be completed within the appropriate time frame listed below. If the juvenile is unable to complete their public service sessions within the allotted time, their parent or legal guardian must notify the Public Service Coordinator so an alternate schedule can be done.

Hours Assigned by Court Time to Complete Public Service 
Less than 2445 days
2460 days (2 months)
4890 days (3 months)
More than 48120 days (4 months)

Mission Statement:

To develop a balanced and restorative public service experiences for juvenile offenders that ensure accountability, community protection, and the development of valued skills for the juvenile, while upholding the rights of victims and the community.


• Hold juvenile offenders accountable for their actions in a fair and consistent manner by providing public service opportunities that assist in the development of positive change.

• Respect diversity and offer public service opportunities that are culturally appropriate.

• Provide a community service program that addresses the victim, the community and the offender while implementing the principles of accountability.

• Provide community service opportunities that encourage youth to become responsible members of the community.

• To improve the working relationship between Williamson County Juvenile Services and the members of the community, agencies and organizations.

• Cultivate community partnerships and increase the number of community agencies accepting public service work by juvenile offenders.


The program concentrates on the needs of the community by working in partnership with those agencies that need services. In addition, the program responds to requests from other government officials as well as the general public. For instance, the public service work program regularly cleans and maintains many public areas especially after events (parks, schools and roadside trash pickup).